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Luxurious, Off-Roadable, Hybrid Diesel: Can A Range Rover Have It All?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Land Rover Range Rover Hybrid Long Wheelbase has leg room has leg room for days, is one of the best stock off-roaders you can buy and gets 44 MPG in combined driving. Do we finally have a 4x4 that really can do everything?

Land Rover has already proven that its Hybrid SUVs are plenty capable of completing epic overland trips. Their hybrids have the same Terrain Response outfit as the standard models, and according to Land Rover can do everything their equivalent vehicles can despite being saddled with an extra 265 pounds of equipment.


The Range Rover Hybrid runs Rover's regular 3.0 SDV6 diesel engine paired with a 35kW electric motor. Power moves on through ZF eight-speed automatic transmission. Drivers can select between three different modes that bias the system to efficiency, performance, or "balance" if you're one of those indecisive pansies.

At maximum frugality in mixed driving, the Range Rover hybrid gets 44.1 MPG, or burns 6.4 liters of diesel every 100 kilometers if you prefer a measurement based on sound logic.


And for all you rich democrats who succumbed to guilt and swapped their Range for a Prius years ago, CO2 emissions on this are 26% lower than a regular Range Rover.

The electric motor makes 120 lb-ft of torque all by itself, and propel the Hybrid Rover along without diesel assistance at up to 30 MPH for a mile at a time. That'd be perfect for gridlocked traffic, where I've seen most Range Rovers in the wild. The giant lithium-ion battery recharges through kinetic energy absorbed in braking to keep you from sputtering out, and you've always got the diesel to fall back on.

With the diesel and electric motors working together, the Range Rover Hybrid makes 335 horsepower and a healthy 516 lb.-ft. of torque. Land Rover says it can keep up with their SDV8, but I'm a lot more exciting about finally cruising in SUV luxury without taking out a second mortgage to pay for fuel. Hell, I might even pick one of these up myself! From CarMax. In a decade.

Image: Land Rover, NBC