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Luxe Parking App Teams Up With Tesla To Charge Your Car For You

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Luxe, a valet parking app for your phone, has now partnered up with Tesla Motors in San Francisco and New York City to meet Tesla owners at their destination and do everything like park, wash, and charge the car for them—because the future is all about having nothing to do with your car, apparently.

Not only can the Tesla Model S park itself now, you can have someone come do it for you if you want!


Luxe is another one of those innovative automotive smart phone apps looking to change the way we mobilize, but instead of offering ride-sharing taxi services like Uber or Lyft, Luxe offers a personal valet parking service anywhere in the cities it operates in.


The valet app company has now officially partnered with Tesla Motors in San Francisco and New York City, allowing the electric car owners to meet a Luxe valet at a predetermined location and have them charge and park their car in a secured spot in the city. When the Tesla owner is ready to leave, they give a 15 minute notice through the app to the valet to have the car waiting for them at a location within Luxe’s delivery range.

This capability isn’t offered to only Tesla owners, as Luxe offers the same parking availability to its non-Tesla app users in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Chicago, Seattle, and New York City. They claim to even have your car washed and refueled for you (added to your charge on the app) if you ask nicely.

According to Luxe’s website, the going rate for a standard car in the cities mentioned above is a claimed average $5 an hour rate, plus a gratuity of your choosing. For Tesla owners (the website says EV owners), it’s a $15 additional charge plus the price of parking on site, with available bundle offers and monthly plans.


The partnership with Tesla is worth noting as it helps electric car owners get to their location without having to worry about finding a charging station near their destination ahead of time. If they’re traveling in San Francisco or New York City, all they have to do is have Luxe meet them where they’re going and the charging and parking is taken care of.

Luxe is undoubtedly looking to extend the cities it operates in, especially its Tesla partnership, but it’s likely only two cities are available for Tesla owners due to the availability and range of the charging station network in the city. As Tesla’s network grows and fills out, so too will Luxe’s available offering. You can also request your city to be covered by Luxe on the company’s website.


Have you ever used Luxe to park your car for you? Do you see the future of transportation as managing three different apps for infotainment, navigation, and parking? Or is Luxe a saving grace for finding parking in a big, busy city?

On top of all of that, is it really worth the price?

Originally scooped by the cool folks over at TechCrunch.


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