Lunatic Smashes Into Car Over Obama-Biden Bumper Sticker

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Mark Duren was driving his daughter home in their Toyota Camry when out of nowhere a fellow motorist flipped him off and started ramming his car. The reason? Duren had an Obama-Biden campaign bumper sticker on his bumper.

Duren had picked his daughter up from school and was driving to his Nashville, TN home when Harry Weisiger pulled up next to his car, pointed to the Obama-Biden bumper sticker on the back, and flipped him off. One would expect this to end the exchange between a bully filled with impotent rage, but Weisiger took it way further. At a stop sign he starting honking his horn and causing a scene and when the two were underway again, he hit Duran's car. Being a normal person, Duren slowed to deal with the accident but Weisiger sped up and smashed into the bumper, causing serious damage. Duren then pulled over to the side of the road and got out, at which point the enraged Weisiger started using his SUV to push the car up over the curb. Police have arrested Weisiger and charged him with felony reckless endangerment. All that anger over a political sticker, perhaps somebody needs to take a chill pill. [WKRN]