Luigi'd Be Proud: Michael Schumacher Dumps All Over NASCAR

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The movie "Cars" was some pretty funny stuff if you ask us. The movie had enough "insider" car references to keep just about any gearhead happy — and yet still have the pretty lights and movement necessary to shut the the kiddies up. One of our favorite characters from the film is the lovable little '59 Fiat Cinquecento named Luigi. The little Fiat was of course nothing but a Ferrari fan — wanting nothing to do with the NASCAR-esque Lightning McQueen. Which is why we're so tickled by the comments made yesterday by fellow "Cars" cast-mate Michael Schumacher following Juan Pablo Montoya's shock announcement that he will switch to the US-based rubbin'-is-racin' series in 2007. Schumacher said:

"Personally I wouldn't do it...what do you do in NASCAR? What is exciting there? I can't see that, running around on ovals.

I don't know how heavy the cars are, but they are heavy, very low developed cars compared to Formula 1. I don't see the challenge."


Well — by all means Mike, tell them exactly how you feel. [Hat tip to Mike Austin!]

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