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If “living the dream” had its own entry in the dictionary, you’d probably see a photo of Pat Long, Jeff Zwart and the rest of the Luftgekühlt crew hovering around their latest build. This is the LuftAuto 002 1987 Porsche 3.2 Carrera build, and it’s a perfect 911 built for the dirt.

Luftgekühlt started hosting events to bring aircooled Porsche fans together, but soon started building their own custom cars. The latest—a Safari-style 911 build put together by E-Motion Engineering—tickles every pleasure receptor in my brain, as off-road 911s tend to do.


It sounds perfect. It looks perfect. Most of all, it’s about time we saw more classic aircooled 911s being built for the express purpose of playing in the dirt.

Many of the 911's early races were hillclimbs and rallies, after all. Getting 911s dirty is what you should do, on principle.

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