Lowe's Truck Runs Red Light And All Hell Breaks Loose

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If you think that traffic lights are just another way The Man keeps you in check, like chemtrails but with colored light, then I suggest you watch this terrifying dashcam video of what happens when you run a red light. This wreck involving a red-light-ignoring Lowe’s truck happened in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and you can see why the video is going viral.

The red Hyundai that hit the Lowe’s truck that barreled through the intersection is pretty lucky, if you don’t count the awful luck of happening to run into the side of a big rig. They’re lucky because they hit the tire and didn’t go under the truck, which usually results in some horrific results, sometimes including decapitation.

Incredibly, none of the injuries sustained in the wreck appear to be severe.

I want to note some details from the article about the wreck published by the Southeast Missourian, because it includes these lines about Robert Orr, the man whose dashcam captured the whole sideways-truck terror of the wreck:

Cape Girardeau resident Robert Orr was stopped in the left-turn lane of Highway 74 at Kingshighway on his way to pick up an insurance card, and later to look for fossils, when the wreck unfolded before him.


I mean, they really buried the lede there, right? This story should have been headlined Man’s Quest To Acquire Insurance Card, Fossils Delayed By Wreck, right?