Low-Speed Police Chase In LA Involves Audience Participation

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All of the traditional obstacles thrown in your way during a high-speed chase – PIT maneuvers, spike strips, the lot – are designed to slow you down. But what if, WHAT IF, you’re going very slow already? Or did I just BLOW. YOUR. MIND.

Because if you’re going slowly enough, all of those things are just designed to make you go slowlier. So they don’t work. This chase was still going for the person suspected of driving under the influence and driving a stolen vehicle, according to KABC, even after all four tires were punctured and the bumper was already falling off.

Weirdly, the one thing the person leading Los Angeles cops on a low-speed chase didn’t account for is that once you’re going slow enough, everyone around you apparently feels the need to join in.

Of course, you should never EVER do this, as you don’t know if the driver will suddenly decide to make the low-speed chase a high-speed chase, or is armed, or any one of a number of other scenarios. Just sit back and let the cops do their thing. If you don’t, you’ll even get a ticket for your troubles, as KABC noted.


And as the anchor himself said,

This is insane.