Love Crazed 13-Year-Old Girl Steals Car To See Her 12-Year-Old XBOX Boyfriend

Last Thursday, Beth Robinson, 13, of Cypress Texas made it the 800 miles to Nashville in her brother's truck before she was caught by a state trooper.

Where was she going? To see her 12-year-old boyfriend in Kentucky she met playing XBOX online.


To meet her boyfriend Dylan, Beth took her mother's ATM card, snuck out, stole her brother's car, and set off on the 920 mile trip to Hodgenville, KY. The next morning her parents discovered her gone, called the police, and her father drove off after her.

The authorities put out an amber alert and tracked Beth's movements with her ATM card. That's how Trooper Dwayne Stanford anticipated she would pass by him on Thursday night. Indeed, Stanford saw her pass by and pulled her over. Her mother told KHOU 11 News that she was still intent on meeting her boyfriend.

She was scared. She was nervous. She was still explaining to them that she was trying to get to Hodgenville, Kentucky to see this little boy, Dylan.

Beth's father, hoping to settle the matter once and for all, drove Beth all the way to Hodgenville, but the two were unable to find Dylan's house. Unlike the girlfriend who drunkenly stole a school bus after a breakup or the astronaut who hunted down an ex in a diaper, Beth is not facing any charges for her lovestruck road trip.


Photo Credit: Robinson Family via KHOU 11 News

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