Lotus Evora S: 350 HP Worth Of Supercharged Go

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The Lotus Evora S is a more properly sorted machine with a supercharged, 350-hp 3.5-liter V6, a tighter suspension and improved aerodynamics. According to the CEO of Lotus "It's an instinctual car, the experience is pure."

The Lotus Evora S exists to sharpen the Evora nameplate into something a bit more respectable and a lot more powerful. The 350-hp, 295 lb-ft, supercharged 3.5-liter Toyota V6 represents a 70-hp and 37 lb-ft improvement over stock, and pushes the car's 0-60 mph sprint time to 4.5-second.


But it's not just about power, the car's also sporting a retuned suspension for more precise body control, a revised rear diffuser, and bigger cross-drilled brakes, and a heads-up display. A push of a button brings on"Sport Mode" which opens up an exhaust bypass and remaps the throttle programming for snappier response. All of this is a good thing.

Lotus also mentioned the inclusion of a new flappy paddle shifter system called the Lotus' "Intelligent Precision Shift" for the base model. It's a fancy name for a 6-speed automatic transmission, shifted manually, you know the drill. The acceleration for the 280-hp is 5.3 seconds.

Both will be revealed in Paris, but the S will be featured in a daydream later today.

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Didn't lotus already make a car this size with a 3.5 liter forced induction 350 hp engine that would do 0-60 in 4.4 seconds?