Los Angeles Ranked As The Most Gridlocked City In The World

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Today, traffic app Inrix published the results of a massive year-long study of traffic around the world. At the top of the list is that beacon of automotive paradise, Los Angeles. This should come as little surprise to anyone who has ever driven in LA, mostly because they are probably reading this article on their phone while stuck on the 5.

While other cities around the globe routinely top LA in terms of more horrific rush hours (Tom Tom recently put Bangkok as the worst worldwide, as CNN reports), Inrix puts LA above the rest in total hours of traffic per year. LA residents suffer through an average of 104 hours of traffic annually, the study claims, ahead of Moscow (91 hours) and New York City (89). Bangkok, if you’re curious, was 12th overall with 64 hours of traffic annually.

Oddly, Inrix leaves all of China completely off of its report. TomTom’s ranking includes China and puts LA down in 14th worldwide behind Shenzhen and ahead of Beijing.


I asked Inrix why China was left off, and a company representative clarified that it isn’t allowed to put its data from China into its global report:

Re: China, INRIX real-time traffic is live in over 45 countries. In some countries (i.e. China) we license data through partners to deliver real-time solutions to customers, and some of these licenses restrict us from including the data in the INRIX Global Traffic Scorecard. Despite that, the new INRIX 2016 Traffic Scorecard is still the largest ever global study of congestion covering 1,064 cities.



Still, as a Northern California native, I hope this helps convince the powers that be to let the City of Angels slide into the ocean where it belongs.