Lordstown Motors Insists It's A Real Company, Starts Accepting Pre-Orders Of $52,500 Electric Truck

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The Lordstown plant in Ohio was one of the sacrificial lambs of General Motors’ recent restructuring. The General sold the plant to an unlikely, recently formed automaker, Lordstown Motors Corp, earlier this month. And now Lordstown has both a vehicle and a site where you can pre-order said vehicle.


What kind of vehicle you may ask? Why, an electric truck! Besides the $52,500 price tag, the Star Trekie name (The Endurance) and the delivery date of the fourth quarter of 2020, that’s about all we know about it right now. Keep in mind, Lordstown Motors is owned in part by another auto company Workhorse, but these two entities are really auto companies in name only. Workhorse’s net sales in 2018 were only $763,00, for instance.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t have billion-dollar ambition! It looks like Lordstown Motors is wasting no time putting General Motors’ old car-building robots to work. It’s also a weird flex to be releasing pre-order info on the Endurance hours before Elon Musk is supposed to unveil his long-teased Cybertruck, but it shows what path Lordstown is hoping to tread.

Lordstown Motors announced it would be accepting $1,000 pre-orders on the Endurance, also known by the imaginative name it is still listed on the company’s sad and empty website, the Lordstown Fleet Vehicle.

The company is focusing on Fleet sales, but also says consumers are welcome to drop coin on the mysterious electric truck, as Autoblog reports. The truck is supposed to be hitting the street around this time next year.

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That website legitimately looks like shit. Are you SURE it’s not a scam site? It looks like a temporary mockup they accidently went live with. What’s the difference between “add to cart” and “buy it now”? Why is there a search button? Why is there literally ZERO INFORMATION about the $1,000 they expect you to drop? Why are the two pictures just different versions of the same render? What an embarassment of a website.