Lord Humungus Special Confounds Floridians, Was Once Isuzu Truck

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This is Down On The Street Bonus Edition, where we check out interesting street-parked cars located in places other than the Island That Rust Forgot. Biminitwist was out and about in Orlando, Florida, when he encountered this innovative propane-powered machine counting the minutes until the collapse of the rotting edifice of so-called civilization. It's based on an Isuzu 4WD truck, and the builder is clearly the sort of person who doesn't let the lack of a tubing bender stop him from making a custom exhaust header. We hereby give the Lord Humungus Isuzu Special the coveted Jalopnik Stamp-O-Approval™! Make the jump for the full gallery and Biminitwist's description.

I was on my way to pick up some vacuum hose, when I spied a new car in the neighborhood. [Thankfully not too close to my house.] When I stopped to take a picture, the owner, a very unique individual, came out to talk to me. The machine is converted to run on propane, and it sports solar cells on the roof to keep the battery charged in between missions. There is a bicycle rack on the back, just above the fuel tanks. For comfort, the single seater has a ceiling mounted fan under the roof scoop, as well as a fan on each end of the dashboard. These are badly needed, because the windows are fixed in place. Great idea in hot, humid central Florida! He said he built the car from an Isuzu 4WD truck, but he was unsure of the model, because he bought it without the body. He claims to have built it himself, but I wonder just how much actual designing or building he actually did himself. Anyway, he struck me as somebody I didn't want to argue with, so I welcomed him to the neighborhood, took some photos and left with his business card. He has some photos of the vehicle on his website, and I'm attaching the pix I took on that rainy Orlando afternoon.


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Drives: A rather curious looking assemblage - depicted below. Brought upon by an immense dissatisfaction with the automotive industry, a decision was made that: "Form, shall from this point forward, follow function." Defined by the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles as an "A.S.P.T." (assembled parts) it was painstakingly Engineered by the Poindexter looking character appearing in the gallery above, and constructed by the Welder / mechanic / grease-monkey / machinist / metal fabricator version of the afore mentioned. It features Global Positioning, Alternative Fuel, 4 wheel drive, and Cruise Control.

Unrestrained by tradition or contemporary values, common sense prevailed in its design factors... including, but not limited to the fact that the driver gets to sit in the middle with his feet apart.