Loon Hulks Out At Go Kart Track, Flips Kart On Guy, Starts Brawl

This is Crossroads Speedway, a karting track in, surprise, Florida. Or maybe Oklahoma? It doesn't really matter. What matters is that wherever it is, a pocket of raw chaos just collided with it, causing near record-levels of apeshit as a guy flips a kart with a driver in it, and starts a huge melée.

I'd really love to know what exactly it is that set off that guy in the helmet to flip over the kart next to him, pinning the driver of that kart underneath (briefly) and possibly branded by a hot exhaust pipe.

The guy in the flipped kart is understandably mad, and, well, everything goes to shit from there. Just watch it.


I can't really understand anything anyone's saying, but I think the YouTube poster has the ideal summary right there in the description:

Grown men acting a fool at go-kart races

Yeah, that about covers it.

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That had everything a good ole redneck fight should have. A guy getting angry over seemingly nothing, a skinny dude with no shirt on coming out of nowhere to throw horrible punches, an overweight bald guy in a sleeveless shirt with no muscle tone coming in to "handle things" , a guy swinging an object(in this case a helmet) with abandon and women screaming for people to stop. Also, that poor bastard who worked there took a pretty good spill towards the end.