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A few months ago this blue McLaren 650S Spider started popping up at car meets in an aggressive “TRUMP” livery. Not everybody was a fan. In fact, it’s looking like this car made somebody so mad that they were compelled to burn it to the ground.

The Baltimore Sun reports that investigators are look at “the owners’ support of President-elect Donald Trump as a potential motive,” for the arson of this car. The vehicle is described as having “vinyl detachable decals, similar to Trump’s campaign signs, placed on its sides.” So yeah, I’d say it’s likely the same McLaren known as the “Trumpmobile” on Facebook.


Robert Dicocco, one of the vehicle’s owners, told the Sun that “an unidentified man confronted him Friday about the Trump signage,” though it’s not clear if that man is a suspect in the vehicle’s destruction.

What we do know is that the McLaren didn’t spontaneously combust. At least local law enforcement sure doesn’t think so. The Maryland State Fire Marshal’s preliminary assessment of the fire’s cause was: “Incendiary, due to an unknown person breaking into the vehicle and igniting the interior with a road flare.”


The Marshal’s report goes on to detail that 10 firefighters from the Aberdeen Volunteer Fire Company worked the event, and that they had the conflagration under control in 20 minutes. No injuries were reported, but the $280,000-plus vehicle is undoubtedly in a bad way after going up in flames and then being doused with high-pressure water.

We’ve reached out to the Maryland State Fire Marshal, Aberdeen FD and this Trumpmobile’s own Facebook page for details of the incident or images but have yet to hear back, hence my hedging. (Maybe there’s another McLaren with similar decoration?) As of Monday, the fire was still under investigation.


I’d think, surely, a torched “Trump” McLaren would be all over social media but I haven’t been able to find any pictures of the car post-arson, and its Facebook page hasn’t been used since Election Day. So keep your eyes open for that one, and I’ll update this post if anything turns up.

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