You can take your BMW M3 and piss right off because this Kia here, this 2018 Kia Stinger GT, looks like it’ll be a right good and proper sports sedan. And for a fraction of the price, too, most likely.


While interviewing Ted Lancaster, Kia’s Canadian vice president, the guys at The Straight Pipes jokingly asked if they could see some pre-production cars. Their wish was granted: they were led into a storage area where two North American pre-production Kia Stingers were parked. They got video.

We know that the Kia Stinger GT is a 365 horsepower ass-hauler that can hit 60 mph from a standstill in a claimed sub-five second time. It’ll be rear-drive and will probably do some pretty awesome donuts. And it won’t be priced like an M3 because it’s a Kia.

The Straight Pipes reports they were also taken for a ride but were forbidden to record it. The interior is nice, however, and it’s comfortable, they inform us. And the trunk opens as a hatch! Doesn’t look like a hatch when closed, but definitely a hatch. And with Brembos at all four corners, what’s not to love?


Now we just have to drive it.

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