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Developing market "quality" gets a new poster boy here, in a chintzy little yellow car whose bumper was completely caved in by none other than a bicycle wheel. You can practically hear the self righteous hipster cheer (it's ironically silent) issuing forth from downtown Brooklyn right now.


"Um, yeah. Justice."

But then, the bicycle in this Facebook photo, which looks to be a halfway decent road bike, seems Chinese. There goes my argument about crappy Chinese build quality. This photo, which limited Facebook sleuthing suggests was taken somewhere in the Philippines, could be a sham. I mean, can a bicycle wheel really do that kind of damage to a car's bumper?


At any rate, that back wheel's Chinese goose is cooked. But as anyone who's ever been to a body shop knows, it'll probably be less expensive to replace than this car's plastic bumper. It sort of looks like a Daewoo, which, of course, is South Korean.

We're a little curious how this happened and, of course, it could be a hoax. If it's fake it's at least an entertaining hoax.

Photo credit: Marchettino

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