(Image Credit: Andrew Collins)

Los Angeles is America’s car capital for a reason. Look around at almost any stoplight and you’re liable to see all kinds of amazing iron. If you’re really lucky, somebody’s shop doors will be open and you’ll catch a scene like this.

I just happened to glance out my starboard window on my way through Beverly Hills last week when I saw this perfect real-life diorama of vintage sports cars in various stages of repair. I’m not a Ferrari fanatic, but come on, this looks like hot slice of heaven.


Some Angelinos might recognize this place as the exotic car broker and maintenance joint Blackhorse. I didn’t have time to stop and see anything up close, but there are so many cool details to find in this image. I didn’t even realize there was an early Corvette stashed in the corner until I blew the picture up on my screen! My only regret is that I couldn’t capture this with a decent camera.

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