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A resident in Fort Worth, Texas was sick of drivers plowing into his yard whenever it rains, so they decided to set up a video camera to capture the action as proof. It recently captured a Jeep Grand Cherokee nearly striking a pedestrian, who, remarkably, appears undeterred.

In what’s apparently the hardest left turn in history, the resident wrote in a video posted to YouTube that they “installed video cameras on my house because when it rains people leave the street and end up in my house, yard, and fence.”


“I have had a lot of hit and run drivers too,” they said. “My house was driven into in February, then my fence, and now this. Only one person had insurance.”

The resident goes on to say it’s become a “chronic problem and now someone almost got killed.”

That’s apparently a reference to the brief clip below. As the Cherokee goes flying around the bend, it careens off the road and nearly strikes a man walking by.

But then it seems like he just keeps on going, as if it was something he saw every day. Maybe he was just looking to get back on the sidewalk and make sure he’s out of the way, but I can’t imagine I’d react as calmly as he seems to have here.


The resident suggests in the video’s caption on YouTube that they’ve complained repeatedly to Forth Worth about this issue.

“The city is not helping so far,” the resident says. We reached out to a Forth Worth spokesperson to see if any complaints have indeed been filed over this particular stretch of road, and if there’s any signs posted in the vicinity that tell drivers to slow down if it rains. We’ll update the post if we hear back.

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