Look At All The Fun Faces You Can Put On The Suzuki Jimny!

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There’s not a lot to the Suzuki Jimny’s design. It’s just, kind of, a brick with two little eyes. That simplicity is what makes it so charming! It also means you can change the vehicle’s look pretty dramatically just by swapping the grille.

Apparent Jimny fan and Twitter user Tokuda put together three collages of seven Jimnys each, all wearing different faces, many of which replicate the front design of other famous 4x4s.


As tweeted by @tokki_totsu, roughly translated from Japanese:

“For your custom reference and for my own study, I have compiled the manufacturers, prices, and materials of all 21 types of grille parts. All can be compared in a collage! Please share it with your Jimny owner friends by retweet!”

I love it.

You can look at and download fairly high-resolution copies of the collages if you open the tweet and click on them. The top left one, the FJ-style one on the green Jimny, might be my favorite.


There are a lot of familiar faces in the mix. Inspiration from the mugs of the Toyota FJ Cruiser, Troller T4, Jeep Wrangler, Land Rover Defender, Mercedes G-Class are all recognizable in this collection of Jimny grilles. Plus a bunch more designs I’m not sure I’ve seen. It’s a fiesta of 4x4 face-swapping!

The Jimny is not sold in the U.S. but that doesn’t stop us from lusting after it. I’m still jealous of David Tract for having borrowed one, even though it sounds like it was more than a handful on the highway.


For those of you who haven’t seen The Office and were really creeped out by Dwight Schrute doing the Texas Chainsaw Massacre thing with a CPR dummy... sorry? Should we revisit that scene? I think we should:

Hat tip to Supcat!

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