Here at Jalopnik, we try to use our own original photography as much as possible. For many of us, taking pictures is fun and we feel that it adds to the overall story we’re trying to tell. There are times, though, when we just need to use a press photo. For me personally, sometimes this becomes problematic.

The photo we ultimately end up choosing has to be indicative of what we’re talking about. That much is obvious. But if I’m trying to talk about what it’s like to drive a Fiat 124 Spider, this is what I have to work with:

As I’m sure you’ve already figured out, I am neither white nor a man. Do you see how this would pose a narrative inconsistency?

And what about a Genesis?


A Corvette?

A Volvo XC60, perhaps?


Maybe a Mustang.

Or a Giulia?


How about a BMW?

Let’s try a Camaro.


A Honda CR-V?



I do like me a Mercedes.



Maybe there are no cars for me. Damn.