Long Forgotten Nazi Hotness: 1937 Adler Trumpf

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Pictured is Anne-C cile Rose-Itier, the first woman to race at Le Mans, standing next to her sexy Adler Trumpf Le Mans racecar. At a time when all cars looked like old cars, Deutschland's Adler was peering into the future and creating automobiles with drag coefficients as low as 0.23. For comparison's sake, a Toyota Prius sports a drag coefficient of 0.26. Not pictured for copyright reasons is the most stunning of all the Adler Streamliners, the Trumpf Rennwagon. But if you click the link, photographer Michael Zumbrunn has photographed one of the most dramatic vehicles from the design high watermark 1930s. Note the twin windows on the door. This is what you had to do in the time before curved glass. The third headlight is cool, too.

1937 Adler Trumpf Rennwagen [Michael Zumbrunn]

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An aside: The two-window arrangement is the only way they could make the window open. There's no where for it to roll down into (and a simple slide is a lot lighter that a crank mechanism).

This arrangement is still used in lots of really cheap (or really light) cars; they were even, for about 30 or 40 seconds, contemplating the same arrangement for the recent Ford GT.