Logano's Tire Explodes Early At Texas NASCAR Race; Kenseth Fans Rejoice

Somewhere, a Matt Kenseth fan who’s been poking at the tires of a voodoo doll of Joey Logano’s car is particularly pleased right now. Logano just spun out early from the NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Texas Motor Speedway after his left rear tire exploded.

Logano started the race in fourth position — a promising start — but his left rear tire blew up on lap ten.


Why were there fans actually cheering this explosion? Logano was the subject of Kenseth’s wrath after tapping Kenseth into a spin from the lead at Kansas. Kenseth fell out of the playoff-style Chase for the Sprint Cup after that round, but Logano continued, having won all three races of that round.

Kenseth paid Logano back two weeks later at Martinsville, and the penalty for the hard hit Kenseth delivered has barred Kenseth — a popular racer in the series — from racing in the next two Sprint Cup events.

Unfortunately for Logano, this explosion forced him to retire to his garage. There are three races in this round of the Chase: Martinsville, Texas and Phoenix. After getting wrecked out at Martinsville, Logano essentially needs a win at Texas or Phoenix to make it into the final four who’ll compete at Phoenix for the Sprint Cup. Nab a win, and the points deficit doesn’t matter.

Retiring to the garage for repairs that are taking an agonizingly long time for Logano’s team to complete means that it’s extremely unlikely for Logano to win here. According to NBC Sports, communication wires and other equipment inside the car was also affected in the explosion.


Kenseth may not be there, but it looks like his fans are getting the Logano misery they crave anyway.

UPDATE: Logano has returned on track 62 laps down from the lead lap.

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I won’t lie - I LOL’d extremely hard. Kenseth was clearly in the wrong but just imagining his reaction to this has me dying.