Liven Up Your Home Or Office With This ‘Places Alonso Would Rather Be’ Figurine

Image via Shapeways
Image via Shapeways

Do you spend most of your life dreaming about the places you’d rather be? Do you, sometimes, choose to sit in a lawn chair and reflect on how every part of life around you is failing, failing, failing, and you’re just there to deal with it all? Then this Fernando Alonso figurine is for you!

Alonso is no stranger to dreaming about places he’d rather be, and certainly you are, too. He tried to find that place in the Verizon IndyCar Series, but sadly, it ended just as his other frustrating life endeavors had.


But that’s alright, because the dream is very much alive and so is this lovely figurine!*

Check it out in 360 degrees, complete with Alonso’s perfect hair and dreamy demeanor.

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It’ll look great on your fireplace mantle! It’s the perfect paperweight for your home office. It’ll keep your guests company at the kitchen island when the party dies down and they, too, start dreaming about places they’d rather be.


The figurine is six inches tall, which must be as small as Alonso sometimes feels on the inside. But not to worry! He is small, but he is mighty! Order it now for a mere $104.70, and you, too, can feel just as mighty as this tiny Alonso.

There’s no price tag on dreams, after all!

*The figurine is not actually alive. Exasperation on figurine faces may vary.

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Contest idea and someone get Fernando’s number so we can get him in on this. Cause he has $60 mil a year (brought to you by Honda) to spare on my contest idea.

Contest: Go on a trip with your Alonso figurine, and take the best picture of “Places Alonso would rather be” or for our hipper crowd #placesAlonsowouldratherbe . Winner chosen by Alonso (and lawyers to make sure it doesn’t insult anyone) wins a free trip to this year’s Brazilian Grand Prix to sit in the a chair at the same exact spot Alonso took the now famous (infamous?) pic and they get to then decide at that point where they would rather be and get another all expenses paid trip there.