Live Look Inside The GTbyCITROËN In Paris

Illustration for article titled Live Look Inside The GTbyCITROËN In Paris

Citroën has, thus far, come up with arguably the most radical and intriguing vehicle at the Paris Auto Show with the GTbyCITROËN, a joint venture with the makers of the Gran Turismo video game series. The aggressive and futuristic design language is continued inside with a generous use of metallic surfaces and an F1-inspired steering wheel that appears set up to display information. There doesn't appear to be a typical gauge cluster, making us wonder if the GT uses some sort of heads-up display integrated into the wraparound windshield. The entire setup, in keeping with the Gran Turismo theme, is driver-focused.

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Bentoboxx, My Tank is full of it

I like the handy table in the back, great for tailgating. As for the inpiration, I think it may have something to do with this guy: