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After all the hoopla, we're now done with our coverage of the Chevy HHR SS. We've just seen "Maximum" Bob Lutz drive the 2008 Chevrolet HHR SS into the parking lot here at the Athens Coney Island on Woodward Avenue in lovely Birmingham, MI and we now feel we can die complete. OK, that's a lie. Really, it was kind of a let-down. No fireworks, no explosions of flame. It was actually all rather pedestrian. Other than some quick words from Chevy chief Ed Peper and Bob Lutz making the worst joke ever (something involving putting the "Bob" in "Bob-She-Bop" wethinks), you didn't miss much other than the opportunity to see the HHR SS live and up-close. So if you can't make it down here to check it out this weekend, instead feast your eyes on the turbocharged red-hotness in our gallery below. We're going to go find out what those dastardly boys from the Blog all about Autos are doing with a video camera and Ed Peper.


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