Listen To A 747 Pilot Realize He Doesn't Know Where The Hell He Landed

When you overshoot an exit ramp, you get back on the freeway in the opposite direction and get back on course. Not exactly the same concept applies when you're flying one of the world's largest cargo planes and land at a small industrial airport with spaghetti-sized runways.

A pilot flying a Boeing 747 Dreamlifter would normally carry 400 passengers, but in this case was carrying parts for the equally large Boeing 787. It was supposed to land at McConnell Airport in Wichita, KS, but ended up landing at Jabrara Airport, a tiny commercial dock that doesn't even have a control tower.

The conversation between the pilot and other traffic controllers is priceless. There's no profanity but you can hear the "oh shit" in everyone's tone.

Pilot: "Uhhh, yes sir, we just landed at the other airport..."

Traffic control: "Are you able to make an approach to make a departure from that airport?"

Pilot: "We're working on those details now."

Those details are tricky, because as KWCH in Wichita notes, the 747 needs a 9,199-ft. runway to take off. The runway at Jabrara is only 6,101 feet.


Adding to this massive clusterfuck: Boeing sent a tug to help turn the 747 around, but the tug ended up breaking down, so Boeing sent another one.

This situation is still ongoing and this plane is still stranded. We'll let you know what happens next.

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When you see how Jabara (where he actually landed), Beech (where he thought he landed) and McConnell (where he was supposed to land) are lined up, you can perhaps understand the confusion. Still, I don't see how you could mistake a small regional airport for an air force base, but I'm not a pilot flying at night, either.