Ling's Cars Is Your One Stop Shop For Cars and Chicks

You know how sometimes you're looking for a lease on a new car and you think "oh yeah I could probably go for some eggs, too, from a chicken, with this car?" No? That's too bad, because Ling's Cars can provide both, and it's probably the most hilarious leasing company in the world at the same time.

You would think that giving away eggs "fresh from the ass of my free range chickens" with leases is a bizarre sales strategy, but apparently it works. Ling's Cars has actually been around for a few years now, and its proprietor, Ling Valentine, has actually appeared on the BBC twice to talk about her amazingly advertised business.


On her first appearance on an episode of the show Dragon's Den, she tried to get investors to take an equity stake in her company, but they didn't buy in because of messy financials. The second time around, she showed up in an enormous bright yellow armored personnel carrier to show them just what they missed out on:

Ling is whip-smart, hilarious, and remarkably self-aware, and her site is just an extension of that, with £40,000,000 worth of cars being leased through it in 2011. There's been some dispute over how much of that is profit, but it appears safe to say the business is chugging along nicely, eggs being deposited out of strange parts of chickens aside.

That being said, if all you want is some chicks, Ling goes and checks on the chickens twice a day, at 7:15 AM and 6:30 PM GMT, which you can watch with her new chicken-cam. And then you can win one of those eggs, somehow, though it's UK-only at the moment. So there's that.


I think Ling's Cars is eggscellent! Har har har.

I'll show myself out now.

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