Lindsay Lohan's Porsche 911 Magically Transforms Into A Sedan

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We make fun of the UK's Daily Mail not because it's easy to do, but because it's really easy to do. This time someone at the aggregator saw a photo of a black Porsche with Lohan and assumed it was a 911. It's not only not a 911, it isn't even a coupe.


Last month Lindsay Lohan crashed a rented black Porsche 911. Yesterday, she was seen in a black Panamera.


Yet, the DM tried to convince people otherwise with the headline "Back behind the wheel: Lindsay Lohan's reunited with her rented black Porsche following car crash last month."

This assumes a lot of hilarious things:

1. They fixed the Porsche 911.
2. Then Lohan wanted to drive that same car again despite the drama it caused.
3. The rental agency then acquiesced and gave her the car.
4. The car has been converted into a sedan as part of the repairs.


They've since updated it to the slightly hedgier "behind the wheel of her black Porsche," implying that the story is about her driving again, not her driving the same car. There have been multiple updates, so who knows what else they fixed. Maybe the car was at first described as her "bright pink Ford Edsel" in the first draft.

Oh Daily Fail, you always amuse. Please never hire someone who knows anything about cars.

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PanchoVilleneuve ST

The real story here is apparently people actually think that Porsche's whole "make everything look like a 911" design concept actually works and that the Panamera really does look like a 911 with 2 extra doors and not, say, a morbidly obese bog mummy.