Illustration for article titled Lindsay Lohan Arrested After Crashing Another Porsche Into Another Person

Oh LiLo, why do they keep giving you Porsches to drive? According to TMZ Lindsay Lohan pulled her Porsche Cayenne SUV into New York's Dream Hotel at very low speeds and hit a guy standing outside.


She was arrested for fleeing the scene of the accident. Just like Nixon, Lohan needs to learn that it's not the crime but the coverup.

According to TMZ's usually correct sources, Lohan was trying to park the car when she hit the person. Someone got out and "checked the vehicle" for damage before determining the car was ok. Apparently, they weren't worried about 30-something dude who was sent to the hospital.


Sources say he wasn't visibly injured, and for all we know he could have easily been playing it up, but because she left the scene of an accident she got a misdemeanor ticket.

As we've said before, it's better for everyone if we take her license. It's not just that she keeps hitting people — humans are rarely injured in Lohan crashes — it's that she keeps damaging Porsches.

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