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After repeated incidents of abuse, a celebrity-owned Mercedes has checked itself into Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles for exhaustion and severe front-end damage. The car, an SL65, is owned by actress Lindsay Lohan, who recently used it to t-bone a Chevy Astro Van in West Hollywoood. According to the AP, one passenger in Lohan's Mercedes and the driver of the van suffered actionable minor injuries. Witnesses noted that Lohan fled to a nearby antiques store to escape paparazzi, who had reportedly been in hot pursuit at the time of the accident. The Mercedes was spotted by the roadside, shivering and chain-smoking Kools. [Update: Our LA-infected sibling Defamer procured some photos of the incident, showing the victim in its sad state, and some actress too.]

Lindsay Lohan Taken To Hospital After Car Accident [MTV via eMercedesBenz]

Lindsay Lohan's Mercedes Misfortune [internal]


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