Lincoln Town Car Becomes Town Plane That Soars Over Two Beaters

The Lincoln Town Car is a great classic brougham of style and grace. Who knew this magnificent boat of a vehicle could fly so well?

Jumping a car isn’t just for rallycross hoons—it’s a time-honored tradition for anyone with too much time and too many beaters. If you’re not going for outright speed, you should at the very least go for style or distance.

Here we see the noble Lincoln Town Car in its boxiest form—the height of brougham chic, I daresay—making a graceful leap that would put the Dukes of Hazzard to shame. It jumps over not one, but two cars.

This is the kind of sweet air we can only dream of, Lincoln Man. May we all aspire to pull off body-crumpling, car-totaling jumps with even half the style of this guy.

Moderator, OppositeLock. Former Staff Writer, Jalopnik. 1984 "Porschelump" 944 race car, 1971 Volkswagen 411 race car, 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS.

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That guy’s poor back. 30 seconds of glory 15 minutes of internet fame and a lifetime of horrible back pain.