Lincoln Rumored To Plan A RWD Model But It's Not What You Think

All the big luxury carmakers have done fairly well in the rear-wheel-drive game, what with their big luxury sedans and fancy, um, good styling. So Lincoln has finally decided, reportedly, that it wants a piece of that, and is getting into the game, too. With a crossover.

Yes, a rear-wheel-drive crossover.

Still following, even though that idea sounds ridiculous, because a crossover is meant to provide a modicum of soft-roadability, while also having the traction necessary to pull you out of the occasional mud, which there's a good chance this might not have because rear-wheel-drive isn't famous for being at an advantage when on low-traction surfaces, but this is totally plausible, as it's Lincoln, a company not known for making the best decisions all around?



The report, from the Truth About Cars, also says that Ford will get a version of the rear-wheel-drive crossover, too.

And it makes sense, from a certain standpoint, because rear-wheel-drive is suddenly fashionable again, as are crossovers, so combining the two would be great. Just like combining meatballs, which you love, and mint-chocolate chip ice cream, which you also love, in a blender would also be great. Yum.

But maybe it's not so bad. As TTAC points out, Ford already sells a rear-wheel drive crossover in Australia, the Ford Territory, and that thing really isn't the worst machine ever to dawn upon human existence. It's rather nice, actually.


So who knows. Just as long as they don't make it look like the MKT. Seeing one of those gives me ulcers.

Photo credit: Lincoln

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