Lincoln MKT Hearse: The Full Story

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With Ford looking to fill the void left by the Lincoln Town Car in the livery and limousine market, Ford's hoping the Lincoln MKT crossover can do it. Even for hearses. Here's the full story on who made this one.


Ford supplied the folks at Eagle Coach Company with a chassis for them to build a prototype of an MKT hearse and to display it at the National Funeral Director's Show. Eagle, an innovative developer in the industry of limousine and hearse-building, was a natural company to go to for Ford.

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So, the vehicle being seen in spy photos around Dearborn today weren't actually built by Ford, but rather, were merely a funeral coach design built for show-and-tell. It was a marketing piece that, since it was built on Ford's chassis, needed to be returned back to Ford. And now Ford's using it quite well for just the marketing it was intended for, parading it in and out of the Dearborn test track — and playing Brenda Priddy, any other spy photographers outside and any outlets that bought the photos that have been available for free for two months on Flickr (and any number of funeral director enthusiast sites), like a fiddle.

What we see here likely won't be the final design, but for the moment, it represents the closest Eagle Coach has come to a final conversion styling until they can get their hands on a production version of the MKT HD chassis. And from what we can see, it looks like it'll scare the competition stiff. Haha, we slay ourselves. (Hat tip to cdwalker!)


I find myself...morbidly...attracted to this (sorry to all!).

I want mine tuned by Livernois Motorsports and painted gloss black.