2015 Lincoln MKC Recalled Because Of Stupid Design That's Stupid

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We'll actually have a full review of the 2015 Lincoln MKC coming up very soon, but it's nice to know that one of the things we found most inane is actually bad enough for an honest-to-Ford recall. The start button and transmission select buttons in the MKC are so bad that people are shutting their cars off by accident.


The MKC uses an awkward push-button selection system for the transmission, and at the bottom of the stack of gear-selection buttons is the start/stop button, which looks and feels just like the gear selection buttons, and is close to other controls.

I'm not sure why Lincoln decided against the now-standard big, round pushbutton for start/stop, but they did. The recall, which covers all 13,574 MKCs, is because, according to a Ford statement

"Due to the switch's close proximity to other controls, occupants are inadvertently shutting off the engine while driving."

After having driven the MKC, I can confirm that, yep, this would be really easy to do. If you wanted to, say, put the car in S instead of just D, you daredevil, you could easily drop that finger down a bit to far and find yourself behind the wheel of 3800 lbs of inert metal instead of 3800 lbs of active crossover in 'Sport' mode. That's a big difference.

These buttons sort of blow, so it's actually great for the car that Ford will be replacing the shift module with something with a new design. If you own an MKC, you should be thankful for this one.


Takuro Spirit

For those too lazy to read the linked article (or Jason for not linking the revised switch/button the affected cars will receive), here's what the modified, and current production switch looks like:

Yes, they just put it on top. So now you can slam your MKC into park*, instead of accidentally shutting it off.

*I know the electronic wizardry will not allow it, but its fun to think about.

Oh, and here's a more in depth link: http://www.tflcar.com/2015/01/2015-l…