Limo Drivers Beg Celeb Handlers to Keep Clients from Driving Themselves

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In one of the odder press releases to come across our desk lately, the National Limo Association (NLA) is pleading with celebrity handlers to spare their clients the embarrassment of a DUI mug shot this holiday season by hiring a limo driver. And while we agree with the sentiment (no one wants to be remembered as the person killed by an old pop star's illegitimate offspring in a drunk driving accident), we question the sincerity of a Limo org that claims they just want to remind the uber rich that may "have forgotten" that chauffeured transportation exists. I guess LiLo and Paris Hilton are too busy to remember about limos and not just irresponsible. The press release is below the jump:

The "Gatekeepers" of Public Figures May Hold the Key to Safety During the Most Celebrated Time of Year

Managers, Publicists, Agents and Assistants of the Rich and Famous Challenged by the National Limousine Association to Keep VIPs Safe and Smart this Holiday Season

Los Angeles, CA (November 27, 2007) - The National Limousine Association (NLA) announced today an unprecedented holiday outreach campaign to educate the managers, publicists and agents who handle celebrities, athletes, business executives and other public figures, about considering a chauffeured transportation service as an alternative to allowing their clients drive under the influence.

As part of the campaign, Jeff Greene, president of the NLA, will be contacting gatekeepers of the leading and most visible personalities in sports, business and entertainment industries and reminding them that they hold much of the responsibility in making sure that their client arrives home safely. The campaign will include letters, emails and personal outreach. The timing of this campaign is essential because, according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), there is a significant increase in the number of alcohol-related crashes as the holiday season draws near.


"After discussing this issue in great detail, the NLA board determined that most high profile individuals don't make driving arrangements themselves, and instead look to their managers, assistants and agents to do that for them," says Greene. "For this reason, we are targeting our campaign towards those individuals as a wake-up call that chauffeured transportation is the right solution for their clients."

By offering chauffeured transportation, these gatekeepers can also assure that their clients can avoid adverse publicity, law suits, and the additional financial consequences that accompany driving under the influence.

"In the past, for celebrities like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, it was difficult enough to drive with the paparazzi in your face let alone under the influence, which is why we are speaking out to those who make arrangements for high profile people. Britney Spears would not have had her rights to drive with her children in the car taken away if she used a car and driver," says Greene.

With more than 2300 members, the NLA makes finding a limousine or chauffeured transportation service easy. Regardless of needs, a professional driver can transport individuals safely and discreetly in a vehicle of choice, ranging from a stretch limousine to an anonymous luxury sedan, at rates significantly below what it costs to pay DUI fees and recover negative press.

The NLA encourages entertainment and business organizations to plan ahead this season by visiting to find a local NLA member owner/operator. Each NLA member adheres to a voluntary, but rigorous, set of standards including discretion and protocol, vehicle inspections, chauffeur training, background checks, and suggested guidelines for owners/operators.

"Chauffeured transportation is an obvious choice for many who attend various events at which there is alcohol served, but with our campaign, perhaps we can remind those who have forgotten," said Greene.

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Comrade Teargaskov

I'd hire a limo if I could be guaranteed a righteous Toronado limo. I'd rather spend the night in jail than roll in stretched H2. God. Just remembered the last time I was in a limo. Rescued from a night of wandering drunkenly through the desert outside Phoenix. I yelled at Nick Hall that afternoon while he was testing the Gallardo Superleggara. Who plans a wedding on St. Pat's?