Limited-Edition Defender Adds Green, Green and More Green

To mark 75 years since the original Land Rover launched, there’s a new green Defender with green wheels and green trim.

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A render of the 75th anniversary edition land Rover Defender.
Alright, who made the Defender angry?
Photo: Land Rover

Under one guise or another, the Land Rover has now been gracing our lives for 75 years. And that seemed like a good enough excuse for the British automaker to create a limited-edition Defender to celebrate 75 years of boxy, rugged off-roaders.

Unveiled today, the new Defender 75th Limited Edition takes the latest generation Defender and adds green, green and more green.

Outside, the first thing you notice is that new color. Land Rover calls this “grasmere green,” and it’s the first time the shade has been used on the Defender.


As well as covering the body panels in this new green, Land Rover also fitted color-matched wheels. These 20-inch alloys come with color-matched center caps as well.

A render of the rear end of the limited-edition land Rover Defender.
Green, green and more green.
Photo: Land Rover

But that’s not the only place you’ll find this new color. Inside, Land Rover has also given the cross bar beam on the dashboard a green powder coat, and there are green finishes on the doors. Lovely.

Honestly, it’s a great shade of green. It’s not too earthy, but also pops without being overly showy. Also, having the option to paint your wheels green too is neat. More cars should have color-matched wheels.


As well as the green finish, the Defender 75th Limited Edition also comes with a few other creative flourishes. There are 75th anniversary etchings at the rear and dotted inside the car.

A render of the green interior on the Land Rover Defender.
If you cut me, I bleed green.
Photo: Land Rover

Under the hood, it’s powered by the P400 Ingenium gas engine, and not the massive V8 that sits at the top of the current range. With the smaller gas engine fitted here, you get mild hybrid electric technology thanks to its regenerative braking.

As with every new Defender, there’s also a whole heap of standard features in this special-edition car. You get 3D surround cameras, terrain response software, LED lights, an 11.4-inch touchscreen, heads up display and wireless charging built in.


Inside, you’ll also find seats covered in a fabric called “Robustec,” which Land Rover claims is the “most robust fabric available on Defender.”

Land Rover will also throw in a folding fabric roof, heated seats and a heated steering wheel.


Pricing for the limited-edition Defender will be announced soon. But when you’re calculating how much you need to save up, bear in mind that the standard Defender with the same powertrain starts at $66,000.