Like Tina, It Sure Ain't Built For Speed: 1990 Plymouth Acclaim

While the ol' Chrysler K platform (or, in this case, its AA cousin) was getting a bit long of tooth by 1990, Chrysler was still able to slather plenty of Virtually Velour™, Simu-Leather™, and Petroleo-Wood™ all over the interior, then pay Tina Turner to reference some Willie Dixon:

Some folks built like this, some folks built like that
But the way I'm built, you shouldn't call me fat
Because I'm built for comfort, I ain't built for speed
But I got everything all the good girls need

And, now that we've got that song on our minds, let's hear what Herr Schenker has to contribute to the discussion:

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Was the voiceover at the end the same guy as in this Triumph commercial?

Something about the way he says "Acclaim", very forceful, as if commanding you to buy this rolling heap of mediocrity.