Lightning McQueen a Holden? Australian 'Cars' Promo

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Since every car on the NEXTEL Cup circuit today is based on a four-door sedan anyway, and the Holden HSV E Series GTS actually does look a bit like the Butterscotch Stallion-voiced protagonist of Pixar's Cars, this DVD-release tie-in promo actually makes quite a bit of sense. Contestants can either enter online or via a coupon enclosed in Australian copies of the film's DVD. The GTS is a near piece of kit, but we'd prefer a Hudson Hornet.

Cars, Australia [via Autoblog]

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Mark Miller

My theory is that McQueen, despite a possible association with a particular "Dark Highland Green" 1968 Mustang GT-390 Fastback, is an alternate-universe American Motors AMX... as if AMC had hung on just a few more years. (Maybe I'll do a sketch (3D?) of what the prototype car might have looked like...)

Dan Neil of the LA Times writes: "Young children may turn hopefully to their NASCAR dads to ask, 'What kind of car is Lightning McQueen?' To which the response might be, 'Ummm...' And so the slow downward spiral of parental respect will begin..."

(UK Opels star in "Cars" outakes!)…