Life With A Ford GT Mirage 720 And A Koenigsegg CCR On The Road

Both of these cars are as wide as a bus, come with supercharged V8s, heavy manual gearboxes and utterly useless stereos. The CCR is one of 14, while the Ford represents one third of the Mirage 720 population.


The Supercar Driver's Analogue Supercar series continues with two rather interesting specimens.

We already know what's it like to own a Ferrari F40 or a Porsche Carrera GT, but what if you turn the knob further up with a Koenigsegg that held the world speed record for a brief moment, or a Ford GT that puts down 745 horsepower and can reach 206 mph without you ever getting the change to put it into sixth gear due to the lack of space?

The CCR held the record for such a short time only because the Veyron prototype also got ready in 2005 with, well, a thousand horsepower. A decade later, this remains a ridiculously fast car with a 0-62 mph time of 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 241 mph. I also love how minimalistic it is compared to current Koenigseggs, and with only 5 right-hand drive CCRs ever built, only a fool would give up this carbon fiber targa for any modern Bugatti. Okay, maybe unless for this one.

The Mirage 720 is even rarer. Only 101 GTs were destined for Europe in the first place, and the importer tuned ten examples to 600 horses straight away to show Ford what's what. I met one of those in London back in 2008.


After those sold out, they wanted to launch another series with roughly 720 hp, but by that time, Ford have ended GT production. Eventually, they could only import 3 from the 'States, which then got turned into 221 mph cars with 635 ft lb of torque and 745 hp on tap.

No flappy pedal gearboxes, no traction control, just pure power. You bought it, now drive it is not a bad motto, but British weather can certainly make that difficult with these two. Is this paint called hazard orange by any chance?


Arch Duke Maxyenko, Shit Talk Extraordinaire

Both use Ford V8's