Life Is Filled With Few Things More Joyous Than This Parking Lot Full Of Strange Japanese Cars

The worlds in which we inhabit on the internet are largely Star Wars compactor-esque rooms of filth that crush you to death if the garbage monsters don’t get you first. There are small oasis of joy, though, and few are more joyful than this tour of a Japanese tuner car lot filled with vehicles of astounding design.

This is an old Video Option tape (it’s No. 112) of a garage whose name I can’t translate. Daisuke? I’m sorry.


I am at least a bit more familiar with this style of car modification. It’s like what you see from bosozoku gangs, the social rejects aping ‘70s and ‘80s style to the absolute extreme. I’ve just never seen cars quite like this.

The Lexus LS400 above, for instance, with a grafted-on nose half as long as the car itself. The rear structure is incomplete, a little glimpse of the scaffolding work you need to make a body kit like this yourself.


Do please watch this video and appreciate these cars, absolute expressions of personal desire beyond social norms. They have built it. You can be it.

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