Life Hack: Do Not Ride Outside The Subway Train Like This Fellow

If you ride the subway in New York City long enough, you’re bound to see a passenger move between cars mid-ride. Me, I couldn’t do it. Too afraid. But this? What you see above? I mean, damn. Over the weekend, this clip emerged of a guy apparently riding a subway in a very unorthodox way—by hanging onto the door as the train whips through a tunnel.

Few details are known at this point. It’s unclear what train the guy is on, what day the video was taken, or what time of night the ride took place. But the brief clip shows the man clinging to the side of the train car, while his white t-shirt flops around. He’s surfing, really. The guy shooting the clip tries to fist bump him at one point, but the move isn’t reciprocated for obvious reasons.


The 17 second clip first appeared on Twitter, and later popped up on the Instagram account subwaycreatures. Police told the New York Daily News that no info about the video was known as of late Sunday.

This guy wasn’t the only reported subway surfer in recent days. Last Tuesday, the New York Daily News reported, a 13-year-old boy was rushed to the hospital after boarding a southbound F train around 5 p.m. by “jumping out of the train between the third and fourth cars by Neptune Ave.” The boy hit a sign as he jumped out and suffered “cuts on his faces, bruises on his stomach and ruptured testicles,” the Daily News reported.

So, perhaps get your adrenaline rush elsewhere.

Senior Reporter, Jalopnik/Special Projects Desk

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Ruptured testicles is about the worst thing that could happen to any man, let alone a 13 year old boy who can barely get through the word “testicles” without laughing.