Modern Lexus just doesn’t have a very pretty face, with the brand’s own best argument for the “spindle” styled grille being that it gives the cars a “unique” edge. Unfortunately we’ll still have to look at it on the space jets of our future, if the new sci-fi movie Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets is anything to go by.

Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets dropped its first full trailer today, and it looks like a pretty wild sci-fi adventure movie not too far off from director Luc Besson’s earlier work on The Fifth Element. For some reason, the production team reached out to Lexus to design the personal one-seater space jet of our future.


It looks like one of those terrifying deep-sea fish monsters in from those documentaries you watch before bed that just end up giving you nightmares.

Look, Lexus. Friend. Being unique has it’s downsides if you can’t even get your corporate grille to work on a future spaceship.

If you like how Lexus’ look, that’s cool. I’ll just be getting my space jets from someone else. The movie looks neat.

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