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Lexus owner stacks wine glasses on hood in attempt to replicate LS400 commercial

One Arizona Lexus owner named Jeff decided to try and replicate the 1989 Lexus LS400 advertisement shown here on his LS460 in the video up above. Comparing these two videos is a nitpicker's dream, so instead of trying to cover all the bases, we are simply going to suggest Jeff wear more appropriate footwear next time he is using his luxury sedan to dispose of excess wine glasses.

Update: Lexus decided to prove the problem was not a newer Lexus or false advertising but Jeff and his questionable method.

[Lexus Enthusiast]
(Hat tip to hoonthatsc!) [via Autoblog]


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Sadly, this was on autoblog a few days ago.

yes, I know, I used to boycott autoblog...