Lexus LF-A: Clearest Look Yet!

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The sneaky spy photographers at KGP have caught the Lexus LF-A, Toyota's luxe-brand's super car that'll reportedly command a $400,000 price tag with almost no camouflage. We wonder where they spotted it. Any guesses? Gallery below.


The LF-A was caught lapping the Nurburgring (obviously, given the photo above) on a buff book press drive of the soon-to-be-revealed super car. Here's the full spy report from the folks at KGP:

We just caught a near production-ready Lexus LF-A prototype almost completely free of camouflage, giving us our best look yet at the upcoming supercar very close to showroom trim. This is the first time that the LF-A's revised front air-intake design has been seen uncovered. The final shape of the finessed side intake is also more apparent on this clean, white prototype. Finally, remove the white tape from the tail-light, and you'll have the final shape of the LF-A's rear-end, and the fully-trimmed rear exhaust vents and rear diffuser.

The LF-A is expected to be built using a carbon fiber chassis, keeping weight down to approximately 3,300 pounds. A V-10 should produce at least 550-hp, channeled through a GT-R style auto-manual tranny. The LF-A will probably reach production sometime in 2010, with low production numbers perhaps commanding a $400,000 price tag.

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DUH I dunno the nurburgring?

Where else would you go to test a new supercar wannabe?

(oh and you could have at least used an image on the splash page that didnt give away the answer - more clickthroughs and ad revenue, sillys!