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It's not a stretch to believe, but Lexus insiders have confirmed to Car und Driver the development of a Lexus IS-F convertible to follow on the heels of the recently launched 2010 Lexus IS-C.


The car is reportedly in development for the 2011 model year and would drop the IS-F's ferocious 5.0-liter V8 and eight speed transmission into the hard-top convertible body. There would certainly be styling upgrades, but the F-Sport suspension and snazzy wheels are already an available option, so the upgrade should be fairly simple. Considering the current car is best described as a grand tourer in a segment chock-full of sporty 'verts, and this is almost an inevitable development. Hopefully they're able to do something about the IS-F sedan's underwhelming driving feel. [Car&Driver]

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