Mazda brought both a family crossover and a racecar, Chevy brought a dope off-road truck, Nissan brought a sporty NISMO compact, Alfa Romeo brought a sexy crossover, Porsche brought a dumpster, Honda brought back a worthy Si, and Lexus showed up with a Sriracha flavored 2017 IS.

Not surprisingly, the Sriracha Lexus IS was built by West Coast Customs. Yep, that West Coast Customs, dawg.


It’s full of bad jokes, including “Hot Handling” embroidered on the steering wheel, cocks on the seats, the air settings go from cool to Sriracha hot, and some Sriracha “bottle-cap green” accents to really seal the car’s fate as a horrible nightmare that shouldn’t exist.

Who would drive this. People are going to immediately make poop/butt/excrement jokes. It would jeopardize one’s sanity.