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According to website sales company, Lexus, Japanese automaker Toyota's luxury brand, is blocking a commercial starring Danica Patrick in a vintage Ford Mustang from airing during the United States Open. Wait, seriously? Apparently, yes.


GoDaddy was to air its "Speeding" commercial twice during the United States Open this weekend. The ad features GoDaddy gal-pal Danica Patrick in a vintage, American-made Ford Mustang. Late yesterday, GoDaddy was informed Lexus didn't want "Speeding" to air. As the exclusive sponsor of the NBC broadcast, Lexus declared no other automakers can be shown in commercials airing during the United States Open.

Seriously, Lexus? Really? The ad's not about selling cars, it's about selling web sites. Talk about a move that'll do nothing but make you look silly to, you know, every car enthusiast on earth and many web folks as well.


What makes things worse is, according to GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons, Toyota let Accura air an ad during the same U.S. Open broadcast they'd been denied access to show theirs on. Hey Toyota, why the hate for American classic autos? It's not like they've got products in competition with the Mustang, and certainly not in competition with a classic Mustang!

To see the banned ad, head here.

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