You're an industry titan in training. You've exited your rental Gulfstream and are ready to make shit happen. May I interest you in the latest from Lexani?

Its official title is the 2015 Concept One Cadillac Escalade by Lexani Motorcars. It's the company's latest foray into the world of palatial rolling offices, and they literally raised the roof.

No, seriously. They popped the top five inches so your traveling companion doesn't have to crouch too low when getting inside. Also, they needed to fit the 4K 3D LED TV in there.


Please, pick one of the 90-degree reclining leather captains chairs and relax. Each one is swathed in sumptuous Italian leather from grass-fed cows. It's the perfect compliment to the faux Kobe beef you'll be enjoying this evening.


Grab the embedded iPad. Start toying with the controls. You can raise the "oversized 6061 aluminum custom partitioner" to keep you driver's nose out of your business.

No need to roll down the windows to keep tabs on the proletariat – that's what the half dozen cameras feeding the security system are for.


Of course you can have all the things plated in 24-carat gold. Yes, armor plating is available. No, we only accept Amex Black.