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Lewis, How About Kicking Everyone’s Ass Before Building A Museum To Yourself?

Illustration for article titled Lewis, How About Kicking Everyone’s Ass Before Building A Museum To Yourself?

Lewis “I Really Like To Name-Drop Ayrton Senna” Hamilton may have a flashy new car at Mercedes but he’s also got some issues with self-importance. In a slightly surreal interview with The Guardian, he talked about building a museum for his trophies and his self-designed helmets, his new dog, and his new $30M plane.


Yes, on his good days Lewis Hamilton is the Guns of Navarone, but his six years in Formula One have been anything but an unbroken run of good days. It’s nothing but hubristic to, a, talk about (A) personal museum—

I have been thinking to build a museum. It was my dad’s idea. It would be cool to have somewhere – in Stevenage or London, I don’t know – where we could have one of the cars from every year that I have driven and have the trophies up so that people can see them.


—(B), talk about how blowing 30 million dollars on a private plane painted red is “simplifying your life”—

It is about trying to simplify everything because it can be really hectic. Having the plane gives you a lot of time back in your life.

—and, (C), name-drop Ayrton Senna in every fucking sentence when one’s single Formula One world title, in 2008, is the result of Toyota mistiming Timo Glock’s tire change.

So yeah, museums are cool but you’ve got to time them right.

Lewis Hamilton plans to build a legacy as a great – and a museum too (The Guardian)


Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images

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