Lewis Hamilton Is Under Investigation For Wearing A T-Shirt: Report

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Lewis Hamilton won his 90th Formula One race at a crash-marred Tuscan Grand Prix on Sunday, at which Hamilton also wore a T-shirt. According to a couple of outlets, the FIA is now investigating Hamilton for said T-shirt.

Via The Daily Mail:

Lewis Hamilton faces an FIA investigation for wearing a ‘political’ T-shirt at Sunday’s Tuscan Grand Prix.

... Hamilton’s intervention is seen by several senior F1 figures as being potentially ‘political’.

FIA statutes forbid political statements of any kind.

Hamilton could be fined, with one official privately indicating to Sportsmail the Mercedes man had ‘crossed a line’.


Let me save the FIA some time. Yes, calling for justice for Breonna Taylor is political. So is not calling for justice for Breonna Taylor. In fact, not saying or doing anything “political” is also a political choice!

Another thing: How would the FIA describe what happened last month when Formula One released a promo video featuring its drivers’ pleas to “end racism” and “equality for everyone?” I guess that wasn’t political or something, or it was just political enough, which tells you all you need to know about how organizations like the FIA treat these things.


Saying something benign that everyone can agree with? That’s just fine! Saying something specific and actionable? That calls for an investigation! Hamilton, in any case, is unlikely to stop, and he shouldn’t. I’m also guessing this won’t be the last time the FIA embarrasses itself over a “political” issue. I emailed the FIA to ask what this investigation entailed and why it was happening at all and will update this post if they respond.

In the meantime, I have also conducted my own investigation of the incident by watching Hamilton’s interview while wearing the shirt in the video below.

Justice for Breonna Taylor.